Timber Ridge, MI, INSPIRED DEMO TOUR stop#34

Timber Ridge, Michigan

We didn’t ski two in a row because Bittersweet was closed due to the rain. Timber Ridge was also closed because of the rain but they still ran the park with the tow rope for us! They also allowed everyone kid who showed up to ski the park with us. There was a lot of people, all locals that were throwing down really hard. They had a sick jump and sick rails! My back was killing me today, probably from sleeping on a coach for a full week. I took my camera out and starting filming Phil and Henrik. It was raining the whole time but no one cared.

After skiing Luke and Amy got us some food in the lodge before we signed autograph. They also let us stay at their house not to far from the mountain so that was really nice!

Thanks to Luke and Amy for everything, thanks to Timber Ridge and thanks to everyone who showed up!

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 12.06.56 PM


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