Snowshoeing adventure!

I took a day off from skiing because I was a little sore today. It was a warm day and perfect weather so I had to do something! My girlfriend Eve and I decide to go snowshoeing. There is a lot of forest around my town so there is a lot of sick spots to go walk. Before leaving, we cut a bunch of carrots, onions and potatoes. We put butter on the veggies and then wrapped it up in aluminum so we could cook it later.

We broke a new track in a place that I had never been before deeper in the woods. Pretty steep hills with a lot of sick rock drops. As we were walking thru the branches and trees, I could see a lot of stuff that would be sick to hit on skis. I will go back with my skis next times it snows a bunch.

About an hour in, we got on top of a steeper hill with a sick view so we decide to stop for some food. We gathered dead branches and made a fire to cook our veggies! We put the aluminum wrapped up veggies in the fire and waited about 10 minutes for it to be cooked. The food was SO GOOD…. Everything was perfectly cooked.

We hung out there for about an hour and then headed back the way we came from. What a sick day!

Stoked to hit some rails tomorrow!




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